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Button with line breaks

Button with line breaks-image

কেরিজ রির্টান &#x00A দ্বারা লাইনে ব্রেক করা যায়। <!--without carriage return--> <input type="button" value="Really Tall& Button"> <!--using carriage return--> <input type="button" value="Really&#x00A;Tall&#x00A;Button"> Read More >>

Basic Article Structure

Basic Article Structure-image

বেসিক আরটিকেল কোড সিনিপিট। <article class="hentry"> <header> <h1 class="entry-title">Heading of the post</h1> <time class="published_date" datetime="2010-08-07 11:11:03-0400" pubdate>08-07-2010</time> <p class="byline author"> By <span class="fn">Author Name</span> </p> </header> <div class="entry-content"> <p>...article text...</p> <p>...article text...</p> <figure class="post_image"> <img src="post-image-url" alt="Post Iamage Title" /> <figcaption>Caption of your image</figcaption> </figure> <p>...article text...</p> <p>...article text...</p> <aside>... Read More >>

All about anchor tag

All about anchor tag-image

Different code snippets for anchor tag. <!--- normal a tag --> <a href="">Visit!</a> <!--- normal a tag open in new window --> <a href="" target="_blank">Visit!</a> <!--- a tag in image tag with download attribute --> <a href="resource/placeholder.jpg" download> <img border="0" src="resource/placeholder.jpg" alt="placeholder" width="300" height="225"> </a> Read More >>

Address tag in use

Address tag in use-image

এড্রেস ট্যাগ ব্যবহারের উদাহরন। <address> Written by <a href="">Jon Doe</a>.<br> Visit us at:<br><br> Box 564, Disneyland<br> USA </address> Read More >>

Hello! I’m Md. Mahafuzur Rahaman. Web Designer & Web Developer with over 1 years of experience specializing in front end development. Experienced with all stages of the development cycle for dynamic web projects.Having an in-depth knowledge including advanced HTML5, CSS, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript, JQuery, WordPress. Strong background in management and leadership.

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